Application Process



You or your member sponsor may pick up a membership application from the business office located on the third floor of the main Clubhouse between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

All applications must be Issued by the Office Staff, Assistant Manager, Membership Director,  or General Manager.   The application must be recorded with the tracking number on the Membership Application Log. The member sponsor's name and phone number need to be recorded along with the name of the prospective new member.  

Applications include Membership Classification Information and Fee Structure and a Board Member routing sheet for signatures that must be signed by three Board Members and a BCC representative.  The sponsoring member will assist the prospective new member with the application process and is responsible for the following:
Writing a letter of recommendation along with signing and dating the last page of the applications.Introduce the prospective new member to three Board Members and having the Board Members sign and date the routing sheet.    If you need assistance with this please contact our Office at 434-384-2111.  Please indicate the type of membership that is desired on the inside page of the application.Return the completed application, three letters of recommendation and the routing sheet signed and completed to the Business Office.  

Once the completed application is reviewed it will be presented to the  Membership Committee for approval then sent to the Board of Directors for approval.  This process will either be conducted at monthly meetings or by electronic notification.   Once the Business Office receives the approval, they will notify the new member and give instruction on coming by the office to pay your fees and activate the membership immediately.